Automation Direct Software

Free Do More, Click, Direct Logic and Productivity 3000 Software.

Do More:
Use With: Do More PLC CPUs
Restrictions: Full Version, no restrictions.  Includes a simulator with 1 hr run time, then have to restart.
Click Software:
Use With: Click PLCs
Restrictions: Full Version, no restrictions.

Direct Soft 100:
Use With: DirectLogic PLCs
Restrictions: 100 Words

Productivity Suite Programming Software:
Use With: Productivity3000 PACs
Restrictions: Full Version, no restrictions.

Check out our sister site PLCCompare to compare PLCs, PACs and Programmable Relays
Visit the Productivity 3000, Click and DirectLogix 05/06 pages for detailed product information, brochures and pricing information.


  1. Md Azhar

    how i can download this software?

  2. pachipala raviteja

    i want to learn plc scada and dcs so i how to learn this automation please help mee

  3. Prempratap singh

    I need free download of GE Fanuc 90-30 software.

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